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  • LeBron XVIII(18)-023
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    LeBron XVIII(18) Men's
    In Orlando's training for the rematch, LeBron James put on his latest signature sneaker, the LEBRON 18. This pair of sneakers appeared at an important moment in LeBron James's career-to welcome his 17th season of fighting for the championship, he needs sneaker cushioning technology to support him to show unique strength and speed.
    LEBRON 18 uses a very creative structural design: from the middle of the shoe, the front and rear palms are intuitively divided into two areas. In the eyes of LEBRON signature shoe designer Jason Petrie, the special feature of the entire pair of shoe cushioning system is not only the technological level, but also contains more symbolic meaning.
    LEBRON 18 brings a new cushioning combination, using the design of the back palm Max Air cushion and the full palm Zoom Air cushion, so that the two complement each other. This is also the first time for cheap basketball shoes online to use Zoom Air cushions that extend to the back palm to replace the original foam material. Visually, the entire pair of shoes looks like it is divided into two halves. The forefoot symbolizes speed and the back palm represents power.
    The LEBRON series has been committed to continuous innovation in the upper weave structure, and the same is true for the LEBRON 18 upper. After combining LEBRON 15's three-dimensional woven Battleknit technology, LEBRON 16's high tenacity yarn, and LEBRON 17 woven exoskeleton TPU yarn, we have obtained a brand new woven structure, which satisfies both light weight and toughness. , With a better fit to support the huge power generated by LeBron James's feet.
    The tongue design of LEBRON 18 echoes the Max Air cushion of the sole: a transparent airless air bag replaces the traditional sponge tongue. This is a rethinking of the materials of basketball shoes, an experiment that lebrons shoes for cheap challenges the senses and comfort-the color of the socks is therefore looming. Such an innovative way of interpretation echoes LeBron James's love for AIR technology in his signature shoe series.
    In order to make the movement of athletes more efficient, the Nike Sports Science Research Laboratory uses a unique algorithm to further upgrade the grip performance of sneakers in a derivative design. The groove pattern divides the forefoot sole into many square grids, and the part near the back palm where friction is weakened enlarges these grids, and uses a denser curve pattern in it. Let each area of ​​the sole of the foot have the corresponding best outer pattern, which brings the most suitable grip for every movement.

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